Dimension One Blogger

The adventure begins…

Hi! Let me introduce myself… In a nut shell – Dimension One is a small, Australian owned and operated business running from a little town in Young NSW. Proudly known as the “Cherry Capital of Australia” we are always looking for new ways to make our own sustainable, environmentally friendly and locally sourced products. Home decor, gifting ideas, custom made prints and designs as well as interior design & Visual Merchandising for Retail, Personal and Commercial spaces.

Who am I ? I am G- the Owner and creative “guru” behind Dimension One. I have been a jack of many trades (master of none), over the past few years and have enjoyed every challenge I have had thrown at myself which has brought me to where I am today. Animal lover, self confessed Bush kid, Nature connoisseur  and Crafty Cat!

Let the Adventure begin… Our blogs aim to include, entertain and inform! We would love to create a space where positive people can interact in a realistic and encouraging way! Advice and opinions can be shared in a light hearted manner.

We would like to cover every day issues, lifestyle trends, interior design hacks, DIY projects and realistic reviews.

Consider our blog as a new approach to a Lifestyle segment. Realistic & trendy!

Happy reading xo

Dimension One



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